About the Electronic Public Prosecution Academy


Pioneering in e-criminal training.

The Message

The high technology meets the current and future needs in all the specialties of the Public Prosecution.


  • Comprehensiveness of training for all public prosecutors.
  • Delivering training to public prosecution employees in their workplaces or wherever they are.
  • Achieving a qualitative shift in the techniques of specialized training in the prosecution.
  • Developing work procedures and solving problems that impede the functioning of the prosecution through specialized training for its employees with high quality and efficiency.
  • Reducing the financial cost of prosecution training.
  • Providing a system for monitoring, following up and controlling training.
  • Providing training content according to professional standards in the training industry.
  • Increase the number of enrolled in training programs.
  • Offering seminars and workshops remotely through virtual classes.
  • Develop training programs continuously and make the necessary adjustments to them through specialized work teams.
  • Achieving justice in training opportunities and making it a universal right.
  • Failure to adhere to time and space through e-training to provide a unique experience for all prosecutors at any time or place.
  • Establish strategic partnerships with relevant agencies to produce specialized training programs.
  • Providing services and training and development programs in various fields and at several levels through the best electronic means available.
  • Attracting good talent with experienced trainers and consultants.