Frequently Asked Questions

It is an electronic training platform specialized in the criminal field and its support work to raise the efficiency of the employees of the Public Prosecution by enabling it to develop their skills and increase their knowledge through an interactive electronic environment easily and easily, as it aims to increase the criminal cultural awareness of the community to achieve a set of integrated goals that are in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030.
Non-Public Prosecution employees can register on the platform by clicking here
The password can be retrieved by entering the username or via e-mail by clicking here
The platform offers various forms of e-training, including the following:
  1. Self-training: It depends on self-learning through interactive training programs that the trainee moves according to a scientific methodology with a linear approach between screens, activities and tests in order to be able to obtain the certificate if obtaining the required degree or re-studying the training program.
  2. Direct training programs: which require the presence of the trainer and the trainee at the same time through virtual classes, and the training material is presented and discussed in order to achieve the objectives of the training program.
The Public Prosecution seeks to participate in social responsibility towards building a balanced personality with national affiliation, by transforming the target groups from all segments of society into active persons in their community participating in social immunity and protecting society from crime, and the initiative aims to the following:
  1. Instilling Islamic values ​​in maintaining the five essentials.
  2. Promote national belonging and national identity.
  3. Increase systemic and legal awareness.
  4. Motivating the community to adhere to the regulations in order to reach a safe society.
In the event that the training program is completed and a percentage of not less than 80% of the total score is achieved, you can print the certificate through the training program page and click on the certificate icon, or go to the main tab (electronic services) and then choose the sub-tab (print my certificates).
The Public Prosecution seeks to participate in social responsibility and integration of roles with Saudi universities, by providing practical and legal experience and developing knowledge and trends among students of Saudi universities towards the role of the public prosecution in society and its specializations, and this initiative comes to fulfill the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 towards social responsibility with the participation of society in all its categories And a variety of available means.
You can apply and view the conditions and instructions of the electronic public prosecution academy, then choose the (community programs - cooperative training - submitting a new application) tab, or by clicking here
You can inquire about the status of the cooperative training request through the main tab (community programs - cooperative training - inquire about the status of a previous application), or by clicking here
The electronic certificates issued by the Electronic Public Prosecution Academy can be verified by selecting the (Electronic Services - Verify Certificates) tab.
If this page does not answer the problems you face on the platform, you can contact the email dedicated to technical support
The platform supports both Arabic and English, and you can switch between the two languages ​​through the button on the top of the page on the left.