Technical Support Policies

This document aims to define all policies and standards for providing technical support for e-training services through the Public Prosecution Academy’s electronic platform in accordance with international best practices, and in order to achieve strategic objectives.
1. Employees of the Public Prosecution Office.
2. Beneficiaries who are not employees of the Public Prosecution, according to the nature of the categories used for the training programs.
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2. Email:
3. Dial: 011-840613
4. Manuals for use: Presentation of the President (Help Center).
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All systems and services developed and operated by the Electronic Public Prosecution Academy
    The roles required for technical support measurement are divided into two main levels: • The first level: the call and control centers: It receives all incoming calls, requests and communications through various channels, and initial technical support is provided to them according to priority. The nature of the incoming communications or their transfer to the competent authority. • Second Level: Operational Divisions: Through it, the process of providing technical support is completed during the implementation of the training programs, which were in the live broadcast studios distributed in the branches of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
• Working hours: 5 days a week. • 6 hours a day (from 8 am - 2 pm). • Service level evaluation: o Emergency: Immediately o High condition: 3 working hours. o Normal case: one working day.
The level of quality provided for technical support services is measured through the beneficiary's satisfaction measure after completing each training program according to a dedicated axis.